Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have a Christmas Cactus on my desk and part of the miracle is that it still lives. I have never had a green thumb so therefore, all of my house plants never make it past the age of a few months. My good friend, Helen, gave me this about 2 years ago and it just keeps giving me the miracle of life.
It has survived falling on the floor, sitting on the window sill getting chewed by the cats, over watering, under watering. This Christmas Cactus is a true gift from God via Helen.
Just recently I noticed that another flower was budding so I decided to take pictures in its glorious stages. 
The praises can only go to One.

This original post was done in 2009.  
I am re-posting because this same Christmas cactus has 10 new flowers this month.  A miracle.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have been trying to feel inspired to write in my blog and it has been a couple of weeks now.

I have been trying to sell a custom designed card for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in order to raise some money for a Christian sister named Anastasia. Her mom has terminal cancer due to breast cancer and she is in hospice care.

I realize the economy is really tough now and spending is difficult but I just keep hearing in my head, that the Lord gives back ten-fold.

I am a seller on and have had very little sales which is fine by me but when it has something to do with giving - I am there.

I belong to an online Christian Women's group on Etsy called Team Christian Artists and Crafters. What a wonderful group of women and if you need prayer - this is where you go.

You might already know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996 at the age of 50. Being new to all of that, I went along with a lumpectomy, chemo therapy and radiation. I was angry the entire time and it might have been my anger that pulled me through all of that. Three years later I was diagnosed once again and this time, knowing more, I opted for a bilateral mastectomy, after which the lab came back to tell me that there were no cancer cells in the breast tissue. My oncologist suggested a little chemo therapy, to which I replied "there is not such thing as a LITTLE." I put my faith in the Lord and the lab results and I am a breast cancer survivor now for 10 years.

Not everyone is as blessed as me and I believe that the Lord has plans for all of us.