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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Interview With BonitaBellita and GIVEAWAY!
I was recently introduced to a beautiful new shop, Bonita Bellita, where Stephanie sells wonderful hair accessories.I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie, and also of giving away a gorgeous hair piece to one lucky reader....but first read the interview!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tell us a bit about yourself and your family! Well, I am a happy little bride to a wonderful (ie very patient) man, we are the classic high school sweetheart story. I'm lucky to have found love so young. We also have two young children who teach me to take a second look at everything in life and see it with open eyes.I also have my mom, brother, and sister, who are all big influences on my life and store. My mom is so supportive about this new adventure in my life. My brother is my business advice, he's always thinking ahead. As for my sister, she's my main model!When did you start creating?The flowers I use in most of my store I just started to create this year, but I've been creating my whole life! I started out with crayons and blank paper, worked my way up to markers and colored pencils, and of course graduated to just about everything else! I use paint and do photography as well, but one day I was looking through some fabrics and just fell in love. A needle, thread, and hours later, Bonita Bellita was born.Your hair pieces are amazing...what inspired you to start creating?Why thank you! I've always liked the freshness of flowers, they are always beautiful and when they bloom it is simply captivating. I wanted to bring that into the pieces I create. I wanted to make them at affordable prices as well. Similar items sell at chain stores for much more, I want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at owning a pretty blossom for themselves!I also have a friend Emilee who started her own Etsy store, and she's the one who inspired me to start my own! (This is her store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/tastefultatters)Where do you get your ideas...anything in particular that inspires you?I get inspiration from life in general! I definitely get a big chunk of that from looking at other blogs I find to be unique and thus inspiring. I also get it from the music I listen to and photos that I take or what I see from other artist's work. Gardens and nature hold a large role in my creative thoughts too!Do you attend art and craft fairs/shows?I do attend these shows, but right now just as a pastime or to purchase something for myself. I'd like to try and have a tent at a show one day though!What are your long term goals for your shop?Since I'm still fresh, I'd like to work on getting more people to take notice of these pretty little flowers. I'd eventually like to start becoming more diverse in the pieces I create, and maybe one day open my own real life boutique, featuring not just my work but other artist's as well.What is your favorite piece you have created?You may be surprised, but it's the yellow headband featured in this giveaway! It was an accidental success, and for that I hold it dear.What is your favorite color?Ooh, that's a tough one... I am a longtime lover of scarlet, but right now I'm obsessed with bold, jewel tones; in particular emerald green, teal, and royal purple.What do you do when you're not creating?I love to go to the beach, I practically live there in the summer! The library is another favorite, or even just catching up on my favorite shows and movies. That may be cheating though, I sew when I watch TV too! I spend a lot of time with my kids and husband too, they (of course) get a majority of my focus!What are some places we can find you on the web?Right now I have my main store...http://www.bonitabellita.etsy.com/...my facebook fan page...http://www.facebook.com/bonitabellita...and my new (still in progress) blog...http://bonitabellita.blogspot.com/...I'm still debating on that twitter idea.Tell us a fun fact about yourself! Hmmmm... when I watch movies that take place across the pond (think Love Actually, Sense & Sensibility, ect;) I will end up speaking very proper with a British accent afterward. It's true, ask my husband! Thank you Stephanie! I really enjoyed getting to know you better. Your shop is gorgeous and every girl should have flowers for her hair! I love how your yellow flower headband came out...my favorite as well! You have a great attitude and a great love for your family, something I really appreciate! And you seem like such a fun person as well. Wishing you much success!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now for the giveaway.I'm excited to give away this gorgeous yellow flower hairband. When Stephanie asked me what piece she thought we should give away, I was immediately drawn to this one.Isn't it pretty?


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