Sunday, September 13, 2009


I want to speak about my Beauty doggie. She left us in February 2009 and I miss her still.

It had to be sometime in 1998 that we brought her home. About 3 months before that my friend's brother brought her to his house in Paterson,NJ and said that he found her. I believe she was about 6 months old at that time and he thought she was a full pitbull. She actually turned out to be a mix of pit and black lab. He was not very nice to her and I started thinking about asking to take her home with me. God must have intervened because my friend's brother left and Beauty was left with his mother. About a week later, I came to visit and there was Beauty, running around loose in the street. I rescued her and drove straight home with Beauty's head on my lap. We bonded at that moment and we have been bonded ever since.

In Beauty's lifetime, she survived being hit by a car two times and surviving Cushing's Disease. I know that each time she was hit, nothing was broken but the impact caused her pain later in life. The Cushings was horrific but I prayed to our Lord to give us a few more years together and He did. Then she began to go downhill, slowly but surely. It seemed that this time no amount of prayer helped so I knew that she would be leaving me. I delayed it as long as I could but eventually had to call the vet and ask him if he could come to our home to do the task. He did and Beauty was able to leave with her dignity in tack and in the comfort of my arms. I miss her every day and tell her I love her every night in my prayers.

We had a private cremation for her so we know that the ashes we have are hers. I want to be with her forever so when I leave, my ashes with be combined with hers. I only pray that I will be able to meet with her again at that Rainbow Bridge.


Christie Cottage said...

Beauty was a beauty!

Our pets become such a part of our lives. A family member.

I hope you will meet Beauty at the Rainbow Bridge!

Anonymous said...

She was a beautiful dog!