Tuesday, September 8, 2009


September is a very significant month and it means different things to different people of different age groups.

I have to start when I was a little girl and September was when school started again for the year. I was always so excited and I got to wear a brand new dress. I began kindergarten when I was only 4 but in the Bronx, NY it was a full day but we got to go home for lunch. My mom was always waiting outside the school for me and we walked the few city blocks home to eat lunch together. Of course, my brother, Stefan was there but he was only 3 and not in school yet! That was always a fun time.

As the years passed, and I got older, I was still excited for the school year to begin, because it meant new clothes and brand new notebooks. I always had good intentions. This would be a straight A year! Suffice it to say, I love learning more now than I ever did in school.

Of course, September meant that Autumn was coming, my favorite time of year. God's glory shining in the trees with all the beautiful colors.

Orange, yellow, gold, rust; more color hues than you could ever imagine.

I always wondered how people felt who lived in areas that did not have season changes. Autumn without the leaves changing? Winter without snow? I can see why so many people travel to the North-Eastern States to see the Autumn folliage.

September means the coming of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. That would be another blog. I used to say," Oh, I can't wait" but I am content now to take each day and live it and pray that it goes very slowly.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful...I need to switch my hallway decorations to my autumn ones! You've inspired me!

Erin said...

That's a really great post, Sue, thank you for sharing... Anita said it right - so beautiful!

button said...

Your home looks lovely, Sue.

Bless you.