Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Colors inspire me so I am typing in the color of the desert to speak about my friend, Barbara. We have been friends for many years and 3 years ago she moved out to New Mexico to live in the desert! Not isolated in the desert but desert just the same: tarantulas, rattle snakes, scorpions - you get the picture.

If I decided to visit it would have to be in the winter because all of the creepy crawlies are hybernating - HOPEFULLY.

To me it takes a brave woman to just pack everything up and just move to another State, leaving behind a great job, friends and a brother. Not with the intent of NEVER seeing them again but not quite as often as before.

She did have her beloved horse, Gato, brought out there with her and was able to spend some wonderful quality time with him because he could now live on the same land as her home. She got to ride him more often and see him every day, whereas here in NJ he had to board at a horse ranch.

Gato was old and unfortunately passed away but now Barbara has 2 more horses name Chibella and Salvadore. She also has 2 doggies named Sabado and Domingo (for those of you who do not speak Spanish that translates to saturday and sunday).

I am posting pictures of Barbara's family as well as of Barbara.

I am very happy to have her as a friend.


Christie Cottage said...

Those are wonderful pictures.

Riding a horse in the open is one of the most exhilerating experiences. I love to ride!

Thanks for sharing :-)


Dionne said...

I have only ridden a horse once, and it was lovely. It was at a winery California. So pretty.

Your friend sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Those great horse pictures (and great pictures of your friend). My kids want a horse but we just don't have anywhere to put it.