Friday, September 4, 2009

My First Ever Blog

Today I am writing my first ever blog. A few years ago I did not even know that the word blog existed or what it was about. When I was a kid, we had diaries with tiny locks on them to put our very most intimate thoughts into. Now we have blogs on the worldwide internet.

To start with, the Lord comes first in my life before anything else because without Him, nothing falls into place. The reason I named my blog - My Heart and Welcome to it - is because the Lord can and will do anything He wants with my heart and He resides there. When my heart stops beating, I will take His hand and join Him.

My next favorite subject are my two grandsons, Cole age 16 and Noah age 8. There is nothing in this world more dear than grandchildren. The first time I saw my daughter Jenifer's face and 17 months later, my daughter Jodi's face, I did not believe that love could be greater until I saw my grandsons. We are all a part of one.

Which brings me to my belief that we are all related in the Lord.

I walk in complete faith of our Lord, blindly and happily.

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